ZTE Coral-200-Solar Mobile Phone – Top 5 Reviews

ZTE Coral-200-Solar Mobile Phone

ZTE Coral-200-Solar Mobile Phone

Chinese phone maker ZTE, recently launched a mobile phone called the ZTE Coral-200-Solar, a truly solar mobile phone which draws its electricity exclusively its solar cells. The handset is actually a customized version of ZTE’s very popular, low-cost mobile phone, the Coral 200.

Just in time for Earth Day 2010, this eco-friendly concept doesn’t not make the phone expensive, and it is an excellent low-end mobile phone for persons seeking handsets in an affordable range. Aside from it being solar-powered, the ZTE Coral-200-Solar has just one luxury feature – an FM radio.

While other phone manufacturers such as Samsung, have recently showcased solar powered phones as well, the ZTE handset is special in that sunlight is the primary source of power for the phone. Competing handsets have dual-source electricity supply.

The ZTE solar mobile phone is expected to be a huge hit with persons living in areas with limited or no power supply, and of course, among green activists as well.

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