Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Kids – Top 5 Reviews

Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Kids

Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Kids

We’re just days away from Christmas 2009, and if you haven’t already secured gifts for the kids in your life, here are a few suggestions. Be sure to check out Amazon’s overnight shipping options.

  1. Mobile Phone – teens and even tweens are seemingly obsessed with mobile phones theses days. The spectrum is wide … from the iPhone to the Blackberry to a plain pay as you go.
  2. Clothes & shoes – for school, play or otherwise – they’ll get used in the coming year.
  3. PSP GO – the latest in the PSP series of hand held video games.
  4. Nintendo DSI – for the gaming fanatic kids.
  5. Dolls – girls can’t get enough dolls.
  6. Movie tickets – how about a movie ticket gift pack!
  7. Ball – whichever their sport of choice, get them the ball to go with it – football, soccer ball, basketball etc.
  8. Remote controlled toy – RC cars, helicopters and planes continue to be the rage.
  9. Laptop – go all out, get them their own personal laptop.
  10. Digital camera – they’re so cheap these days!

Amazon, the world’s biggest online retailer, likely has what you seek and more. Be sure to check ‘em out as you shop online – save time and money.

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