The HP dx9000 TouchSmart Business PC – Top 5 Reviews

The HP dx9000 TouchSmart Business PC

The HP dx9000 TouchSmart Business PC

Through the HP dx9000 TouchSmart Business PC, I guarantee that you will:
• Transform your desktop experience
• Add a new touch to your digital work style with the all-in-one, touch enabled HP dx9000
• TouchSmart Business PC. Real-time information
• Video chat/conference1 and multimedia are at your finger tips. Its time to get in touch with your business.
• Digital world at your fingertips
• HP TouchSmart PC brings a new level of interaction to your desktop that caters to multiple environments.

Here are some HP dx9000 TouchSmart Business PC pluses:

  1. Hospitality – Interactive concierge experience with sleek user interface enables you to actively engage your guests.
  2. Education – The TouchSmart PC allows for intuitive interaction with digital content.
  3. Conference Rooms – Built-in webcam and microphone are perfect for video chat or conferencing – watch live podcasts, slideshows and presentations on hi-def widescreen.
  4. Kiosks – Creative, all in one design allows for one piece mounting, while touching capability and inviting design attracts customer usage.
  5. Multimedia and Information at Your Fingertips – Plug one power cord into the wall and you’re ready to go. Put your finger on what the TouchSmart can do for you and your business. Easily access information, browse the internet as well as communicate via e-mail, IM and blogging using the HP TouchSmart software suite and integrated WLAN1. Chat face-to-face with colleagues at the office, across town or on the other side of the globe with the built-in webcam and array microphone. The integrated 5-in-1 Media Card reader lets you easily transfer files to and from various types of memory cards. Watch instructional DVDs and create or burn CDs and DVDs with the built-in slot-load Super Multi DVD burner. The TouchSmart also sounds as good as it looks with the integrated premium stereo speakers that deliver high quality audio.

The HP dx9000 TouchSmart Business PC brings new level of interactivity that will transform your desktop experience. A new way to do business is now only a touch away! Consider buying it today. It’s available online right now at everybody’s trusted favorite retailer, Amazon.

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