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The Coursework Website That Answers Prayers

The Coursework Website That Answers Prayers

If you’re a college student like me, you’ll know that the word ‘coursework‘ is one of the most dreaded words that you’ll hear continuously throughout your time in college or university. Unfortunately you won’t get that degree without passing most or all of your coursework, and since I had USC University of Southern California BUAD 250 coursework due, I decided to see if there was anywhere that I could get help on the matter.

Thankfully, I literally stumbled upon Course Hero, an open coursework website for college students. My prayers have been answered as I’ve been able to use it to share, meet and collaborate with others (including professors), and it helped accelerate my comprehension of course-related theories and concepts. Best of all, I got the BUAD 250 USC Lecture Note link directly from there, so definitely no more headaches about this course.

Check out Course Hero, the best new social network that I’ve come across, because it can actually help me to improve my grades, not waste time!

Submitted by Jenny A., USC, CA.

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