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Rocknrolla Movie Overview

Rocknrolla Movie Overview

Rocknrolla is a British crime film that was released in 2008. For me, it marks a true return to form for writer/director Guy Ritchie (who also did “Snatch” and “Two Smoking Barrels”). Funnily, it has a lot in common with “Snatch” – multi-layered plot and larger than life characters who rapidly descend into increasingly violent situations.

The acting from the strong cast is superlative throughout. Tom Wilkinson (appeared previously in “Batman Begins” and “Valkyrie”) plays a ruthless gangster named Lenny Cole, who is head of an old style London mob which is being threatened by an influx of Soviet muscle. The beautiful Thandie Newton (appeared previously in “W.” and “Crash”) plays the perfect femme fatale who is both smart and sexy. Gerard Butler (appeared previously in “300″) is a street-smart mobster whose best friend and partner in crime is Idris Elma (appeared previously in “American Gangster” and “The Wire”) and Mark Strong (appeared previously in “Body of Lies” and “Babylon AD”).

Jeremy Piven (appeared in “The Kingdom” and “Smokin’ Aces”) and Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges (appeared previously in “Crash” and “Hustle & Flow”) play a pair of Americans trying to break into the London music scene.

As with previous Ritchie scripts, the dialogue is real fast and and funny, with many memorable lines. The story line is however a bit complicated, with a few different strands that you’ll need to follow.

My warning – pay close attention in the first few minutes so you won’t be wondering what just happened when you see the closing credits roll.

I found Rocknrolla to be funny and action-packed. It’s the kind of movie that you’d enjoy watching a few times at least.

Submitted by Sidonney H., Chicago, IL.

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