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Review – Private Practice (TV Series)

Review – Private Practice (TV Series)

Private Practice is a medical drama television show (on ABC TV) that was created by Shonda Rhimes. Although it’s a spin-off of the Grey’s Anatomy medical drama (which was also created by Rhimes), it definitely stands strongly on its own.

Lovers of medical dramas have been pleasantly surprised by the show’s engaging quality, impressive writing and easy chemistry among main cast-mates. Kate Walsh (who originally appeared on Grey’s Anatomy), stars as Dr. Addison Montgomery. Sick of dealing with her ex-husband and ex-lover, she leaves Seattle Grace behind and heads to beautiful Los Angeles to join a private practice with her best friend and med school colleague, Naomi Bennett (Audra McDonald).

Rounding out the impressive cast are Tim Daly (as Dr. Peter Finch), Taye Diggs (as Dr. Sam Bennett), Paul Adelstein (As Dr. Cooper Freedman), Chris Lowell (as William Dell Cooper) and Amy Brenneman (as Dr. Violet Turner).

Will Addison finally find the proverbial true love she’s after and figure out a way to have a baby before it’s too late? Well, she’s not the only one seeking love, happiness and the good times. Everyone is, and the audience gets a front-row seat into their very private lives. What could be more interesting than watching some sexy MDs proving that, scrubs aside, they are just like the rest of us? These days, not much.

Private Practice is a stunning series and is quickly becoming one of my faves.

By Tyrone R., Miami, FL.

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