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Review Of Sleigh Bells’ TREATS

Review Of Sleigh Bells’ TREATS

Once every now and then, a record comes along that makes you think how music should sounds. Earlier in the decade, albums like MIA’s Arular and Dizzee Rascal’s boy in Da Corner did this, sounding like nothing released before them, and becoming classics in the process. Now add to the list Treats, the debut album from Derek E miller and Alexis Krauss, the duo otherwise called Sleigh Bells.

Known for their energetic and wild performances, the duo, whose only live instruments are the guitar and vocals, is MIA’s favorite band right now… or so the blogs would have believe. It’s not hard to see why though-with Miller on beat production, guitars, and song writing, and Krauss on vocals – they ram their tracks together creating a collage of sonic worlds, something not unlike what MIA does herself. Their electronic beats thud with gut-rattling low end; guitars are distorted siren squalls (A/B Machines), or thoroughly crunched power chords (infinity Guitars), or playful, beach bum strums (the beta Band-y Rill).

Obviously influenced by My Bloody Valentine, Beastie Boys, Crystal Castles and course, MIA, but sounding like none of those acts, Sleigh Bells’ music hits hard, in a hugely satisfying way. Debut album of the year!

Best tracks: Tell ‘em; Kids; Infinity Guitars

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