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Review Of Christina Aguilera’s Bionic

Review Of Christina Aguilera’s Bionic

Multiple Grammy-award winner Christina Aguilera (she of the four-octave range), who last released a studio album four year ago, met with unfair comparisons to Lady Gaga when her newest album, Bionic, started making the rounds. Aguilera, in interviews said she wanted to make pop, dance record inspired by the playfulness of her two-year-old son, and was accused of everything from imitating Miss Gaga to plain ripping her off. The video for first single Not Myself Tonight didn’t help matters, either. Still, over the course of 18 tracks (23, if your copy happens to be the deluxe edition), Aguilera works with an impressive plethora of song-writers, collaborators and producers – Sia, Ladytron, The Beverly’s Sam Endicott, Santigold, Le Tigre, Peaches, Linda Perry… Indeed, there seems to be something for everybody here.

Sure, critics have opined that the album is scatterbrained and lack focus, but this is Xtina we’re speaking of; in her mind, there seems to be no genre of music she can’t do. And with a voice like hers, who can blame her? On Bionic, sex remains her forte, but on tracks like the endlessly beautiful You Lost Me, she goes back to a vulnerability last seen on Stripped, her classic 2002 break-out album. The album’s title track is explosive and catchy, sounding just like something from Santigold’s debut (she had a hand in creating the track); Woohoo with Nicki Minaj sees her coasting atop a dancehall-lite beat care of Polow da Don; while on Elastic Love, she sounds just like MIA, who shares writing credits willingness to experiment with her sound and her voice, the alum is forward-thinking, playful and fun.

Best track: Woohoo; Elastic Love; You Lost Me

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