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Rain Barrels For The Rainy Season

Rain Barrels For The Rainy Season

Rain barrels (also known as rainwater tanks) are a smart way to collect and store rain water runoff, typically from rooftops via rain gutters. Why? In order to make use of rain water for use at a later date, to help reduce paid (utility) water usage (for economic or environmental reasons), and many do it in order to aid their own self-sufficiency. For some of us, the rainy season is fast approaching, and I’d like to suggest that as many households as possible start trying to implement a few rain water barrels to store water that can later be used for watering gardens, flushing toilets, washing clothes, washing cars, and even for drinking, cooking and other domestic purposes.

Where to find rain barrels for sale? I’ve implemented a few over the years, and I’ve been using SimplyRainBarrels.com – I consider it the ultimate source for all types of rain barrels and rain harvesting equipment. They offer hundreds of different high quality rain barrels – everything from plain plastic barrel-type designs to some super cool designs that look like garden fixtures or blend in beautifully otherwise.

If you’re living in an area where water supplies are unavailable, expensive, or of poor quality, getting a rain barrel (or few) is also the smart way to go. That way, you get it pure and direct from above and channeled into your rain water barrel system. Think about it :)

Submitted by Orlando F., Wisconsin

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