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Overview – The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

Overview – The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 is the second film based on a series of four novels by Ann Brashares about a group of four girlfriends who maintain their closeness by mailing back and forth amongst themselves a pair of thrift-store jeans that they had discovered together.

The four friends are played by Blake Lively (TV’s Gossip Girl), America Ferrera (TV’s Ugly Betty), Alexis Bledel (TV’s Gilmore Girls) and Amber Tamblyn (The Ring). Traveling Pants 2 is focused on their first summer after freshman year of college, when they face difficult and very different challenges, as the characters cope with jealously, family conflicts, heartbreak and a pregnancy scare.

The chemistry between the four leads convinces you that these are friends for life and the sensitive direction of Sanaa Hamri (Something New) demonstrates that not only is sisterhood powerful, it can also be awfully entertaining. No matter how serious the subject matter this film is pure, escapist fun that to tweens and teens alike. Just like the jeans themselves, the story suits the needs of vastly different girls. Whether they’re looking for romance, struggling through family issues or simply trying on different identities, they’ll find their own experiences reflected onscreen.

The conclusion of the film is set against a backdrop of the spectacular physical scenery of the geek island of Santorini, which is filmed so beautifully, it could double for a travel feature.

Extras on the DVD include a wonderfully fluid gag reel, deleted scenes that are introduced by the director (Sanaa Hamri) herself, and a short feature ‘Go Jump off a Cliff’.

Submitted by Carrie C., Sacramento, CA.

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