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Nintendo DSi Portable Video Game

Nintendo DSi Portable Video Game

Coming soon! The Nintendo DSi portable video game player. Nintendo announced earlier this week that this, its 3rd generation DSi portable video game system, will be available in the U.S. on April 5. I can’t wait! From what I’ve heard, it’s all that and a bag of tricks, so I can’t wait to try it out.

Nintendo sold more than 1/2 million of these upgrades in the month following their launch in Japan in November last year. They apparently delayed on introducing it here in the States because the 2nd generation DS Lite was still selling strongly. The upgrade has some cool new features though, including built-in cameras, slimmer design but larger screen than the DS Lite, voice recording & music player capabilities and lots of customizable / personalizing options. Importantly too, the DSi is backward compatible … i.e. most game software that was designed for the older DS devices should still work with the new DSi.

How much will they cost? I’m hearing $170 each. My money is parked and waiting for it, so bring it on!

Submitted by Shaun Z., NYC, NY.

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