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Natural Links and Anchor texts

Natural Links and Anchor Texts

What are Natural Links?

Natural links are links your website receives naturally, because it provides valuable content, a valuable product, etc.  So a website would “recommend” your website to its readers by linking to your homepage or to any relevant internal page.

Unnatural links are links your website receives because you paid for them or exchanged them with another website.

What are anchor texts?

An Anchor text (aka link text), is the clickable text in a link. For example, “top5reviews” is the anchor text of this link top5reviews. As you see, it is often colored blue and underlined.

What are natural anchor texts?

A natural anchor text is the anchor text of a natural link. It’s hard to explain exactly what this means because there are infinite natural anchor texts. But if you think about it reasonably, if your website receives a natural link, what would most probably be its anchor text?
In my opinion (which is also based on my experience) 70%-80% chance it would be one of the following:

  1. The URL/name of your website. For example:,, Top5Reviews, etc.
  2. General phrases websites would use to recommend yours. For example: “click here”, “for additional information”, “this website”.

About the remaining  20%-30%:
It is possible to receive a link with a keyword anchor text. A keyword is a high quality phrase. This means it is searched a lot (500+ per month worldwide), it has a high CPC (cost-per-click) of $5 or more and it has high competition among websites (many websites want to get high positions on search engines for that keyword).

Important Note: If your website’s name is a keyword, receiving many links with an anchor text of your website’s name which is also a keyword, could be dangerous. You’re at risk of being penalized by search engines. I know it’s weird, check out why here.

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