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Microsoft Windows 7 Review

Microsoft Windows 7 Review

Microsoft Windows 7 is the next generation of Windows operating system software. It is expected to replace Windows Vista, an operating system that widely acknowledged as being problematic and not as efficient as its predecessor Windows XP.

So what of Windows 7? Well, my company recently got a sneak preview of the soon-to-be-launched operating system and here are some highlights:

  • Data protection and privacy seem to have taken on even greater importance to Microsoft. With regard to privacy, Windows 7 features private browsing, a feature which allows you for e.g. to browse adult sites without leaving tracks in the History list or anywhere else.
  • It’s faster! It starts up, shuts down, resumes from standby, and generally responds faster (for e.g. it boots up a clear 40 seconds faster)
  • Looks like Vista, but still it’s different – The interface features a taskbar that is very similar to Mac OS X’s Dock: a row of big, square program icons representing the user’s favorite applications (whether they’re running or not).
  • Seemingly borrows from Apple – the taskbar mentioned above is one thing, however another item that seemingly borrows from Apple is the desktop wallpaper that changes at intervals. There is also a Mac-like cool ‘post-it’ notes program.
  • Windows 7 comes with new and improved versions of long-time Windows software, specifically – new versions of Internet Explorer, Paint, Word-Pad, Calculator and System Restore.
  • Claims of no memory hogging – Microsoft has maintained that unlike Vista which will often use up much of your computer’s memory (thus slowing it up completely), Windows 7′s memory usage has been reduced in hundreds of places.

Ultimately, Windows is claiming that Windows 7 coupled especially with Internet Explorer 8 will offer a faster, safer and easier Web experience. We’ll see how that goes when it hits the shelves and people really start pulling it apart. But for now, I’ll just watch and wait and see.

Submitted by Marc R., Redmond, WA.

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