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Gold – A Longtime Safe Investment

Gold – A Longtime Safe Investment

Gold is the most malleable and ductile of all metals, and it is also one of the most sought-after and valuable of all metals. Gold (in the form of gold coins and nuggets) has been traded and used as a method of payment for many hundreds of years.

The amount of gold in the world is finite and production has not grown in relation to the world’s economies, thus gold valued has always trended upwards. Add to that, the fact that gold mining output today is on a steady decline, and you have a high-demand item that makes a smart choice for investing. Invest in gold bullion or make a gold coin investment. It’s not a guarantee, but based on historical trading values, the value of your investment will increase in multiples.

Just today (January 18, 2010), gold prices crept higher (to $1135.75 an ounce) while platinum and palladium prices were very firm/steady. In 1970, gold bullion was $37.4 an ounce. In 1995, it was $369.6 an ounce, and in 2008 it was $865 an ounce. Well it’s now 2010 and the prices are still going up. That should be more than enough of an indicator and a prompt for you to serious consider investing in gold.

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