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Friday the 13th Movie (2009) Review

Friday the 13th Movie (2009) Review

The Friday The 13th movie series with the hockey-mask wearing JASON is back! As I expected though, this latest entry is the kind of cookie-cutter horror flick that doesn’t really offer much, but the little it does deliver holds together well enough to actually entertain.

Directed by Marcus Nispel (who also directed “Pathfinder”), the movie revels in gory violence (naturally). Everything from facial machete chops to a college co-ed being left to roast in a bag over bonfire flames; it’s just what you have come to expect from a Friday The 13th Movie. Surprisingly though, there are some genuinely frightening, jolting and suspenseful moments in the movie. Some of the murder scenes are also quite gruesome, and even difficult to look at (but I’m sure you wouldn’t be watching this movie if your stomach couldn’t handle it!).

If this is your cup of tea, you will surely find some amusement in watching a bunch of air-headed college kids frantically trying to stay alive as Jason unleashes his special brand of terror at the Crystal Lake camping site. Jason’s level of rage seemingly hasn’t diminished an ounce over the years since we first met him on the big screen; in fact he now seems more menacing and statuesque. Thus, when the college posse arrives and starts disturbing the peace, he really gives it to them – either with his machete or an axe. Don’t bother to care too much about what happens to the various characters – the whole thing is just too thinly-sketched for that.

Overall, this Friday The 13th is watchable but unfortunately it delivers nothing more than what you expect from a Hollywood slasher flick – a bunch of dim-witted kids hanging out in the middle of nowhere, late at night, seemingly awaiting their impending violent deaths. Who knowsn, you may actually leave the theater thinking they got exactly what they deserved!

Submitted by Neshaun B., Bronx, NY

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