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My husband and I made the decision recently to switch from cable to Direct TV, and we are over the moon at what a smart choice this turned out to be. The main thing for us is that DirecTV offers way more cool channels that cable, and at far better prices. For just over 50 bucks per month, we now enjoy over 265 channels including premium movie channels (such as HBO, Shotime and Cinemax) and sports networks (such as ESPN, GOL TV and Fox Sports).

In addition to that, as soon as our DirectTV was up and running, it was very obvious that it offers crisper sounds, brighter colors and sharper images than available through cable. Depending on the provider that you use in your state, you will have a number of packages to choose from, all dependent on your viewing preferences and pocket (what you can afford). Everything from the basic family entertainment package that’s under $30 to the ultimate high-definition (HD) package that’s just over $55 will be available for you.

Note too, there’s no need to worry about attaching a big ol’ dish to your house or in your backyard. Today’s Direct TV systems use reception antennas that are much smaller than the first generation services, as it uses more powerful modern-day satellite transmissions than previous satellites could produce. If having lots of channels at a low cost is your goal, then you definitely need to check out Direct TV.

Submitted by Lorie J., Los Angeles, CA.

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