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CD Review: Ke$ha – Animal

CD Review: Ke$ha – Animal

Artiste: Ke$ha
Title: Animal
RCA Records

Who is this drunken girl covered in glitter? More importantly, why should we care about her? To answer the first question – she’s the Tik Tok singer. If you’ve listened to your radio, watched MTV or been to a club recently, chances are you’ve heard that song. Chances are, you already love it. To answer the next question – she’s the latest new millennium dance act (in a line beginning with Britney Spears and ending with Lady Gaga) trying to duke it out on the dance floor. Her debut album Animal, which also shot to the top of he charts, partially succeeds in getting us to that hallowed place (the dance floor, not the top of the charts) if only because of its throbbing techno beats – Take It Off is propulsive, second single Blah Blah Blah featuring 30H!3 is an absolute guilty pleasure.

The problem is the Animal starts out with absolutely nothing to say, and ends on that very same foot. On the pop food chain, she’s right down there with the Black Eyed Peas, though, top production is almost always guaranteed. By the middle of Animal, Ke$ha runs out of whatever little ideas she had, the listener begins to get annoyed by the cheap Gaga-lite electro. So, to answer that second question: we really don’t have to care for Ke$ha at all; she certainly doesn’t give us any reason to. Best tracks: Blah Blah BlahParty at a Rich Dude’s HouseBackstabber.

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