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Album Review: Sade – Soldier of Love

Album Review: Sade – Soldier of Love

Sade - Soldier Of Love album Label: Epic Records

How do you disappear for 10 years, reappear at the top of the Billboard albums chart, selling over 500,000 albums in the first week of release, and over a million in mere weeks? Well, for Nigerian-born Sade Adu, that’s exactly what happened when the acclaimed singer and her band released their sixth studio album in February, 2010.

On the title track, Adu chants, “I am lost but I don’t doubt/Tall I ride/I have the will to survive” over arresting military beats. It’s the angriest track Sade has ever done. Opener The Moon and the Sky, reminiscent of By Your Side, has the jazz and funk singer waxing poetic – “You’ll always know the reason why we could have had the moon and the sky” and indeed, the album itself is poetic with these beautiful kinds of couplets throughout.

On Morning Bird she sings, “You are the blood of me/the harvest of my dreams/there’s nowhere I can find peace/and the silence won’t cease”. With Bring Me Home she entreats, “Put me on a plate with petals and a fire/and send me out to sea/turn my angry sword against my heart/and let me free.” For lovers of good writing and fans of Sade, there’s plenty here and admittedly, it works great as background music, but if one isn’t inclined to actually pay it attention, that’s all it will ever, be to some.

Best tracks:
 BabyfatherSoldier of LoveThe Moon and the Sky.


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