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Album Review – Beach House – Teen Dream

Album Review – Beach House – Teen Dream

Artiste: Beach House
Title: Teen Dream
Genre: Sub Pop

Formed in 2004 in Baltimore, Maryland, Beach House is one of last decade’s most acclaimed indie duos. They’re still pretty far from having a cult following or breaking out a la Vampire Weekend, but in the process, they make beautifully atmospheric dream pop.

Much like their good friends Grizzly Bear, Beach House have made testy, breathy cooing and harmonizing into an art form rarely seen since the days of the Gregorian chant. Beginning with the gorgeous Zebra, right on through to closing track Take Care, it’s difficult to tell exactly what is being sung, or even who is singing it, but that hardly matters – the heartache and melancholia are evoked perfectly. Yes, the album is monochromatic in its feel and sound, but on a record this rewardingly ebullient, that’s not a problem. The accompanying DVD, comprising videos for each of the record’s songs, looks interesting, but seems like something to spend time with later, after the record has had a chance to sink in. For now, the music has more inspiring and vivid images.

Of all the bands that channel heart break, no one coats it in gold and jewels like Beach House do. They’re a band that triumphs in subtleties rather than innovation, making Teen Dream a spectacularly comfortable listen. Best tracks: Silver SoulUsed to Be10 Mile Stereo.


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