10 Hot Tracks For 2010 – Top 5 Reviews

10 Hot Tracks For 2010

10 Hot Tracks For 2010

Wondering what were some of the hottest tracks for 2010? Check out our list below.

1. Flash Delirium by MGMT  – Building and building to general anarchy, the song is a great indication of the new direction of this sensational band. But maybe they had it in them all along.

2. Freak by Estelle feat Kardinal Offishall – Produced by David Guetta fresh off his recent five Grammy award nominations the French house DJ and Estelle conjure up one for all the ‘vogue’ing queens the world over.

3. Erykah Badu feat Lil Wayne, Jump Up in the Air (And Stay There) – it’s a web-only release, but that doesn’t affect its utter brilliance. Why didn’t the two collaborate before now?

4. Rude Boy by Rhianna – Tongue-in-cheek, or not-so-tongue-in-cheek, depending on how you view the lyrics, it’s Ri-Ri’s biggest hit and most memorable song in a while.

5. On To the Next One by Jay-Z feat Swizz Beatz  – One of the coolest samples of cool song (Justice’s D.AN.C.E.) in recent memory. Hov is a beast.

6. Cold War by Janelle Monae  – Call it the female version of Gnarl Barkley’s Run.

7. Telephone by lady Gaga feat Beyonce  – A club song featuring a harp? Beyonce rapping? And did you see the video? Welcome to the weird world of Gaga.

8. Lil Freak by Usher feat Nicki Minaj  – Yes, Minaj is a gimmicky weirdo, but in spite of her, and thanks in a large part to Polow da Don’s great booming pyrotechnics, the song works.

9. I Feel Better by Hot Chip  – Repetitive, sweeping, blissful; but really, two words: Hot Chip.

10. Stylo by Gorillaz  – Featuring guest vocals from Mos Def and Bobby Womack (yes, Bobby Womack) the 3D cartoon band churns out another funky, effortless number.

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